What Jesus Did by David Soesbee
A 7 Week Bible Study to equip you with a passion for evangelism. Learn how easy it is to share your story and how critical it is to your personal growth and the growth of others.

Radical Love by Kimberly Soesbee and Donna Lowe
Learn to identify and destroy the things that keep you from experiencing God’s radical, life-changing love. Jesus calls us to love one another fully. This book helps you see why you struggle in this command from Christ.

Examine Your Heart by Kimberly Soesbee and Donna Lowe
An 8 Week Bible Study that digs into those things that prevent us from loving others well. Trust, Anger, Bitterness, Obedience, Mercy, Love – It all begins in your own heart.

Holy Romance by David and Kimberly Soesbee
God’s plan for your marriage may be very different than you think! This book hits hard at the things that bring unholiness and sin into a marriage and helps couples find the deep, passionate love God wants us to have for our spouse.
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