Examine Your Heart

ExaminYourHeartThis is one Bible Study in which the lessons will remain with you long after you’ve finished. Why? Because in Examine Your Heart, Kimberly Soesbee and Donna Lowe guide you to the things that prevent you from loving how Jesus loves and, using Scripture, teaches you how to overcome those things.

There are 8 sessions in this study. It is for men or women, small group, individual study, or can be done with a friend. The topics covered include:

Session 1 – Examine Your Expectations
Session 2 – Examine Your Obedience
Session 3 – Examine Your Salvation
Session 4 – Examine Your Motives
Session 5 – Examine Your Trust
Session 6 – Examine Your Temper
Session 7 – Examine Your Mercy
Session 8 – Examine Your Love

The book also includes helpful Leader’s Notes with suggestions for running a successful small group and lesson specific additions to enhance the group time.

This book is a companion to the book Radical Love… Forever Changed. You do not need Radical Love to complete this study, but it does give you deeper insight into loving others God’s way and blowing up the barriers that prevent this love in your life.