Do you know What Jesus Did for you?

We are an evangelical Christian ministry committed to sharing the good news of What Jesus did for each and every person on earth.

davidWhen God called David Soesbee into full-time ministry more than 20 years ago, He did so with the instruction to “Go. And tell people What Jesus Did for you.” David has preached and ministered to crowds and individuals in more than 50 countries. He has served as a chaplain with MRO to the NASCAR Community for 12 years, he has ministered to amateur and professional athletes in all sports, he has provided outreach and evangelism at the past 5 Summer Olympic Games, and he runs What Jesus Did with a passion to equip the church in evangelism, to save those who are lost, and to encourage hurting communities. David’s testimony is one that resonates with the lost, as David led a lifestyle of drugs, alcohol, and turmoil before coming to know Christ. Whether he is speaking to a crowd of students, a locker room full of professional athletes, or one-on-one with someone who is hurting, David’s connection to Christ and ministerial equipping will point the way to healing and to Jesus.


kimKimberly Soesbee is a former elite-level athlete who has been an international speaker and teacher for the past 15 years. She speaks biblical truth plainly and with great passion for her listeners to experience freedom from the things that keep them from living with the radical love of Christ in their heart. She has spoken to crowds at MissionsFest, professional sports games, to communities during the Olympics, to school sports teams, and at many church events, conferences and settings. Read more about Kim’s writing or to contact her to help ¬†you become a better writer at

David and Kimberly know the struggles married couples face in the world today, and they welcome the chance to teach and equip couples. They are raising 3 children, including a son with autism, and they know the difficulties that parents have bringing up kids to know Christ. They speak at couples and family events to teach evangelism and principles of godly living.

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